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TERMS & CONDITIONS (Правила и условия ROX Casino)

User Provision
By using and/or visiting any section of ROX Casino website (hereinafter referred to as the Web site/Casino/Company), by opening an account and using the website, you agree to: the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Rules of all the games, Terms of Advertising, Bonuses and Special Offers that are posted on the Web site. The above Terms and Conditions shall be hereafter referred to as the "Terms". Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before accepting them. These Terms constitute an agreement between the online Casino and the player. Registration and betting in the Casino implicates player's agreement with these Terms. In case You do not agree with the Terms, do not use the Website, do not create an account and/or do not continue to use the Website, since the use of the services of the Website automatically implies your agreement with the Terms. The Terms shall come into effect on March 1, 2017 onwards.
General Terms and Conditions
The information on the website is provided by the website operator - Best Entertainment Technologies LTD N. V., Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park, Willemstad, Curacao (hereinafter Casino/company). License for online gaming operations No. 140803 is issued by Antillephone N. V. Supervision over the implementation of the license rules is carried out and regulated by the laws of the Netherlands Antilles. Extracts from the Terms containing the pronouns "us", "our", "we" or "Company" refer to the relevant company with which you enter into a contract under the above paragraph. In case of questions please contact support at support@roxcasino.com.
The Company shall have the right to make any changes without prior notice, including: in software, provision of services to players, requirements imposed on players, as well as changes in accordance with current legislation. All changes shall be effective upon posting the new Terms on the Website. Each player shall be solely responsible for familiarization with the current Terms. The Company reserves the right to amend, edit, update and modify any of the Terms at any time and without prior notice for a range of reasons, including commercial, legal (in accordance with new laws or regulations), and for reasons related to customer service.
In case You do not agree with the changes you may stop using the Website and/or delete your account, following the provisions of clause 12 of the Terms. Further use of any part of the Website after the effective date of the revised Terms will automatically be treated as agreement with and acceptance of the revised Terms, including (for the avoidance of doubt) any additions, deletions, substitutions or other changes to the identifying information, relating to the Company, referred to in clause 2.1 of these Terms.
Under any circumstances, persons under 18 years of age or under the age of majority, eligible for gambling under the laws of a particular jurisdiction ("Eligible Age") may not use the services of the Website. Use of the Website by persons under the relevant age shall be considered a violation of the Terms. The Company reserves the right to request documentary evidence of Your age at any stage to ensure that persons who have not reached the Eligible Age do not use the services of the Website. The Company shall have the right to suspend Your account and refuse Your use of the services if You do not provide the proof of majority age, or the Company suspects violation of clause 4.1. We are aware that due to the wide availability of Internet to minors, they are likely to register and play in the Casino. We therefore urge parents to cooperate in protecting children from free access to the Website with gambling games. There is dedicated software that can help in this matter. Please visit the following websites for more information.
You represent, warrant and agree that your use of the services of the Website complies with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations. It is not the Company's intention to provide services in any manner contrary to applicable law in your jurisdiction. The Company shall not be liable for any illegal or unauthorized use of the services of the Website.
You use the Website upon your own initiative, and assume the liability risk and knowingly decide whether the use of the Website services is lawful in accordance with the current legislation of your country. You understand and agree that the Player is responsible for independent learning about the existing laws and regulations regarding the age limit for participating in online gambling. The Company is not in a position to provide you with legal advice or guarantees regarding the legality of using the Website.
You are prohibited from opening accounts and/or depositing any funds if you are or are living in the United States, Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. The company may change the list of jurisdictions without prior notice. You agree with this requirement, undertake not to open an account and not to try to use your account if you are in one of the above countries.
Players from Israel, Spain, the UK, France, Netherlands, the USA, Latvia, Turkey are prohibited from playing real money wagering games at ROX Casino.
If Your winnings are subject to taxation by your local legislative, tax or other authorities, You are responsible for reporting your winnings and/or losses and filing with the appropriate authorities. You are solely responsible for paying all taxes and fees charged in connection with any winnings resulting from the use of the Website.
Certain games may be unavailable in certain jurisdictions, as required by policies of game providers which may change from time to time. NetEnt games are unavailable for Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe.(A-category countries) For B-category countries, such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, United States of America and United Kingdom NetEnt games are permitted if receipt of a license from local regulator has been seen and approved by NetEnt. In addition to the above Planet of the Apes, Guns&Roses, Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, Emoji Planet Australia are unavailable in Australia, Azerbaijan, China, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine. Aliens are unavailable in Japan, Canada. Additionally, Universal Monsters series (Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, The Phantom's Curse) are only available in these countries: Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Croatia, Macedonia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Players from A and B categories countries including Azerbaijan, China, Denmark, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine are not eligible to win any jackpots from jackpot games offered by NetEnt (such as but not limited to Mega Fortune). The Casino will make reasonable efforts to prevent players from these countries to reach the games, but if players from any of the stated countries would win the jackpot, the jackpot win will be annulled.
To use the Website, you need to create an account ("Your Account"). To do this, you must specify Your email address and password which you will use to log in. In addition, you may be required to provide personal information, including name, date of birth, passport data, and phone number.
The name specified when registering must correspond to your current name and should not contain errors. To confirm the information provided by you, the Company may at any time request an identity document (including a copy of the passport/ID card) or any payment card. In case of Your failure to provide the information the Company has the right to suspend Your account until the above documents are received and/or to close Your account.
By registering on the Website, You agree to provide accurate, complete, and reliable information about yourself. If any changes are to me made to this information, you must correct your data on your own and promptly. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to application of restrictions, non-fulfillment of transactions (bonuses, winnings) and/or closure of Your account.
If you have any questions or difficulties during registration, you can contact our support service via e-mail: support@roxcasino.com.
You can only open one account on the Website. One account is allowed per player, household, e-mail or IP address of computer or other device. All other accounts opened by you on the Website will be treated as "duplicate" accounts. The company reserves the right to immediately close such accounts, and:
any transactions made from the duplicate account will be considered null and void;
all bets or deposits made from a duplicate account can be returned to you at Company’s discretion;
all refunds, winnings or bonuses You have received or collected using the duplicate account will be forfeited and may be reclaimed by us. In this case, you will be required to return the funds withdrawn from the duplicate account to us.
By registering on the Website, you automatically agree to receive newsletters and other communications through the e-mail specified during registration.
The Company grants You the right to use the Website services, and You warrant, represent, undertake and agree that:
You are the rightful owner of the money in your account. The information provided by You to the Company during registration and/or later, including through any transaction requiring deposition of money is true, actual, accurate and relevant with the name on the credit/debit payment card(s) or other current accounts that will be used to deposit or receive funds to/from Your account.
You understand and acknowledge that you may lose money while using the Website services and are responsible for this. You acknowledge and agree that use of the Website by Your decision and at Your own risk. You can't raise claims against the Company related to your losses and/or losings.
You understand the general techniques, rules and procedures for provision of services and gaming on the site and on the Internet. You understand that You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of bets in the games. You promise not to commit any action detrimental to the Company's reputation.
By agreeing to the Terms, you authorize us to regularly conduct any checks: at our sole discretion, or those that may be required by third parties (including regulatory agencies) to verify your identity and contact information ("Verification").
During the Verification we may limit your ability to withdraw funds from the account.
In case any information provided by You, proves to be false, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading, and also if the information does not match with that specified in your passport data, it shall be considered as a violation of the terms and conditions of the agreement, and we may immediately close your account and/or in addition to other actions, at our sole discretion, to refuse your use of the Website services.
The Company reserves the right to suspend Your account if we cannot ascertain that You have reached the Eligible Age. If during the use of the Website services associated with gambling, Your age is was under the Eligible Age, then:
Your account will be closed;
any transactions made during this time will be declared invalid and the money deposited by You to the account will be returned;
all bets made by you during this period will be cancelled and refunded;
all the winning amounts accumulated by You during the time when your age was under the Eligible Age will be lost, and you will have to return to refund us all the amounts withdrawn from Your account, at the request of the Company.
You agree that the player's account can only be accessed only using a unique login (user name) and password created by him. By opening an account on the Website, You agree that You will not disclose/communicate your username and password to anyone (intentionally or unintentionally). In case You lose or forget Your account data, you can restore the password by clicking the "Forgot password" button from the link on the site.
The player shall be solely responsible for the confidentiality of his registration data and the restriction of access to his account by third parties, as well as for any actions and transactions that made in his account. In addition, You are responsible for all sorts of losses on Your account incurred by you as a result of the actions of third persons.
You agree to immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized access to Your account and/or other breach of security. You are required to provide the Company (upon request) with information proving such unauthorized access. The Company shall not be liable for any losses that You incur as a result of misuse of Your user name and password by third parties whether You were notified of the authorization or not.
Casino takes all possible measures to protect against unauthorized use of personal information of players, players' personal information is available only to parties involved in the provision of services through the gambling Website. Despite this, the Casino shall not be responsible for how this information is further used by third parties, for example, in particular, by software vendors or affiliates.
Player must not grant any third parties access to his account or allow people who have not reached the age of majority to use the Website. The Website can be used only for personal use and in no way can be used for any kind of commercial profit.
If you want to participate in gambling games using the Website, you must make a cash deposit. ROX Casino offers various payment methods. They include card payment (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, etc. credit and debit cards), payment with electronic money (e-wallet accounts), mobile phone payment (from mobile phone) and other payment methods. Please contact our support service at support@roxcasino.com, to find out about the payment methods that are most suitable for your country of residence. Please note that the minimum deposit amount is 50 roubles.
You acknowledge and agree that:
The money you deposit to your account is not of illegal origin;
You agree not to cancel any prior transactions, deny or cancel any payments made by you, which can cause a refund by the third party in order to avoid any legal liability.
You agree to deposit funds to your account only from the account/system and/or payment cards registered for Your name. The Company does not accept funds from third parties (friends, relatives, partners, spouses). If, during an inspection, we we find a violation of this condition, all your winnings will be confiscated and returned.
If it is necessary to conduct a bank transfer to return the funds to the rightful owner, all bank charges/fees shall be paid by the recipient.
We do not accept cash. The Company shall have the right to involve third parties for the processing of electronic payments and/or financial institutions for processing of both Your payments and payments to Your account. If the conditions of such third-party electronic payments processing organizations and/or financial institutions are consistent with these Terms, You are responsible for their observance.
You agree not to withhold previous transactions, not to cancel them, not to cancel any operations on depositing funds in your account and in any such case You undertake to return and compensate to us such unplaced funds, including any expenses incurred by us in the process of collecting your deposits.
The Company has the right to block your account, cancel the payments made and recover any amounts of winnings in the event any suspicious or fraudulent account replenishment are detected, including the use of stolen credit cards and/or other fraudulent activities (including any refunds or cancellations of payments) for the purpose of exchange between payment systems. We reserve the right to inform relevant authorities (including credit information agencies) of any fraud with payments or other illegal activities. We also have the right to attract collection agencies to return the money paid. The Company shall in no case be responsible for any unauthorized use of credit cards, whether their theft was reported or not.
We may at any time debit your account in favour of payment of debt to the Company.
You understand and agree that your account is not a bank account and, accordingly, it does not cover any insurance programs, guarantees, replenishments or other protection instruments within the framework of deposit insurance programs or bank insurance, as well as all sorts of similar insurance programs. No interest will be accrued on the funds deposited on your account. The Casino is not a financial institution and thus should not be treated as such.
Making a payment with your card, you agree that future payments using this card will be carried out in a single click, without having to re-enter your card details. This service is called 1-Click. Terms and Conditions for 1-Click service. You agree to pay for all the services and/or products or other additional services ordered by You on the Website, as well as to bear all additional costs (if necessary), including taxes, duties, etc. You are solely responsible for the timely conduct of all payments. You understand that the payment service provider only makes payments in the amount specified by the Website and is not responsible for payment of the aforementioned additional amounts by the Website user. After you click the "Payment" button, the payment shall be deemed processed and executed irrevocably. By clicking this button, you confirm that you will not be able to cancel a payment or require its withdrawal. By placing an order on the Website, you confirm that you are not breaching any laws in any state. Among other things, by accepting the provisions of these Terms (and/or the Terms and Conditions), you, as the holder of the payment card, confirm that you can use the services of the Website. To use the Website offering gaming services, You must provide legal confirmation that you have reached or exceeded the age of majority according to the legislation of Your country. Compliance with this rule is necessary for obtainment of opportunity to use the services of the Website. Starting to use the services of the Website, You assume the responsibility to respect the legislation of each State where You use of these services, and agree that the payment service provider shall not be liable for any illegal or unauthorized action. By agreeing to use the Website services You acknowledge and agree that any processing of Your payment is carried out by the payment service provider and in this case, you do not have a legal right to return the already purchased services and/or goods or other possibilities for cancellation of payment. In case you need to refuse using the service in favour of the next purchase of the service and/or goods, you can cancel the service within the capabilities of the User Account on the Website. The payment service provider is not responsible for the impossibility/failure to process data related to Your credit card, or for refusal, associated with the non-receipt of of authorization for payment using your credit card by the card-issuing bank. The payment services provider shall also not be responsible for the quality, amount, price of any services and/or goods offered to you or bought by you on the Website using your payment card. If you do not agree with the above terms, you can refuse to conduct payment and contact or support service.
You can request withdrawal of funds from your account at any time provided that any deposits, made into your account, have been checked for the absence of unacceptable actions, and no payment has been revoked or cancelled. Also, all the data and documents provided by You must be relevant and reliable at the time of creation of the application.
When you submit a withdrawal request, you must consider the following:
Your e-mail must be confirmed. All the fields of your Profile must be filled and contain precise and comprehensive data, as well as at least one real and valid phone number;
Funds must be withdrawn from the account to the same payment instrument (the same card, the same wallet, the same phone number, etc.) from which the deposit was made;
If the requested amount is equivalent to or exceeds 50,000 roubles, as well as in other cases that require validation, the Company shall conduct identification procedure, which is done by sending us a high-res copy or digital photo of your ID document (page with photo) (passport, ID card or other identity document). If you replenished your account using a plastic card, you should also send photos of its front and back sides. The first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card number must be clearly readable, while the remaining digits of the card number and the CVV/CVC code should not be visible (closed when photographing the card or painted over in a graphic editor, if you are the owner of an embossed card number, bear in mind that the same numbers should be covered both on the front and back sides).
When creating an application for payment, remember that there should not be uncompleted bonus games (free spins) on Your account. To withdraw funds, you must first play or cancel the active bonus rounds. If the fund turnover, the aggregate bets on the account, is less than three times the size of the last deposit, the Company has the right to cancel the payment pending the fulfillment of the turnover conditions, or withhold from the player's account with the commission fee of 10% of the amount of the withdrawn money to compensate for the costs of implementation of the payment. If a fraudulent scheme is identified, in which a player makes minimum deposits in order to evade playing the last large deposit, the Company has the right to request playing of the amount of deposits made since the last withdrawal of funds, and if there is no payment – from the first deposit.
The maximum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment method You decide to use. If the requested amount of withdrawal exceeds the limit of a particular payment system, the amount will be withdrawn in increments. Maximum payout per month is 5,000,000 roubles, except for cases settled with the Website administration. The Casino carries out payments not later than within 24 hours from the withdrawal request, except as specified below.
The Casino reserves the right to verify the identity of the player prior to payment and withhold it for the time necessary for such verification. In case of provision of false personal data the player can be refused the payment his account may be blocked. The player will be informed thereof by email.
If the withdrawn amount is higher than 50,000 roubles, the Company has the right to perform additional verification of gaming transactions for a period not exceeding 48 hours.
When ordering a payment, you agree that you have read theterms and conditions of the Yandex.Money service and agree that the monetary obligation of the counterparty to the customer is executed by crediting the relevant amount to the electronic means of payment of the client in the Yandex.Money payment service.
The Casino cannot guarantee the successful conduct of card payments in all cases, because the card issuing banks can block or reject such transactions at its our discretion.
The internal operating currency of the Website is rouble. You will not be able to request payment in USD or EUR.
All current jackpot winnings are paid out in full in one payment subject to fulfillment of other conditions.
You are responsible for the reliability of the information associated with any transaction You make before You confirm the bet during the game.
The transaction history can be found by clicking on the "Cash Register" link on the Website.
We may at any time, partially or completely (at our discretion) refuse to carry out any transaction requested by You through the Website, if You violate the Terms. No deal can be considered completed until you receive confirmation from us. If you do not receive confirmation that Your transaction has been accepted, you must write to the support team.
The following activities are prohibited and shall be considered a material breach of the Terms:
provision of information to third parties;
carrying out illegitimate acts (fraud), including the use of malicious programs, errors in our software, the use of automated players ("bots");
committing fraudulent acts for Your benefit, including use of stolen, duplicated or otherwise illegally obtained data of a credit or debit card when replenishing Your account;
participation in criminal activity, including money laundering and any other activities involving criminal liability;
an attempt or conspiracy and/or intention to participate directly or indirectly in collusion with another player during a game on the Website.
develop strategies aimed at dishonest winnings, fraudulent actions aimed at other online casinos or payment service providers, credit card chargebacks or renunciation of prior payments, as well as other types of fraud, or if a player while being a bankrupt at his place of residence, has provided false information about his personal data when registering on the site.
We are entitled to suspend or cancel payments/winnings that are related to bonus money received from the Company (ROX-points, bonuses), in case we suspect that you want to exploit them.
The Company will do everything possible to identify and exclude situations of collusion and their participants. Against these persons, the Company will take the appropriate actions. We are not responsible for any loss or other damage, incurred by you or other players as a result of a conspiracy, fraud and other illegal operations. All actions and measures to be taken by Company in such cases are at its sole discretion.
We use special technologies to combat any type of financial fraud on our Website. Any attempts of fraud will lead to immediate blocking of Your account. In such a situation, we have no obligation to refund or compensate You for any of the funds on Your account. We also have the right to notify the relevant authorities and you are obliged to cooperate with the Company in the investigation of such situations.
The Company prohibits the use of the services and/or software for any illegal or fraudulent activity, or for illegal or fraudulent transaction (including money laundering) in accordance with the laws of your country. The Company has the right at any time to suspend or block your and any of your other accounts in the system, as well as to withhold funds. In such a situation, you waive all claims against the Company.
The Casino reserves the right to close Your account and refund the "Account Balance", subject to withdrawal fee, without prior notice.
Litigation may be initiated against any user or other person/persons who contrive regarding the Casino system or try to do so, in accordance with the legislation of your jurisdiction.
It is strictly forbidden to communicate in an offensive and/or aggressive manner (using appropriate images), as well as to use profanity, threats, humiliation or violent behaviour towards the Website players and staff.
Mass mailing of information or "spamming" is prohibited. You have no right to distort, delete, or in any way correct the information contained on the Website. It is also forbidden to upload information on the Website in the amount that can cause interruptions in the Website operation. You cannot perform actions that affect the operation of the site to some extent, such as the use and/or spread of viruses or similar malicious programs.
You agree to use the Website solely for entertainment purposes. The Company prohibits copying the Website or any of its parts in any form without the prior written consent of the Company.
You confirm that you will not hack, or attempt to hack and/or gain access, or otherwise bypass our security system. If we become suspicious that you have attempted or attempt to hack, gain access to, or otherwise bypass our security system or software, we will have to immediately terminate your access to the services of the Website and have your account blocked. We are also entitled to report this situation to the appropriate authorities.
It is prohibited to simultaneously play on different devices, or run multiple active sessions from the same account. This violation entails the annulment of all payments and winnings, and account lockout.
We are not responsible for any losses incurred by you or any third party as a result of malfunction of information technology tools caused by attacks, viruses or other technologically detrimental material when using The Website and/or downloading materials contained on the Website, and/or links present on the Website.
It is strictly forbidden to sell or transfer accounts between the participants of the games or specifically lose on purpose or/lose chips for their subsequent transfer to another player. Intentional loss of chips is a situation in which you specifically lose the game in order to transfer money to another participant.
If the user becomes aware of possible software errors or defects, the player agrees to refrain from making profit out of it. Moreover, the user agrees to promptly notify the Casino of any error or defect in the software. In the event the user does not fulfil the obligations specified in this clause, the Casino is has the right to receive compensation of all costs associated with this error or defect, including any expenses incurred for the corresponding error/defect, as well as for the failure to notify the Casino.
You are entitled to close your account (including removal of user name and password) at any time by contacting us by email: support@roxcasino.com.
Until You have received confirmation of closure of your account, You are responsible for everything that occurs on Your account until the moment your account is fully removed by the Company.
The Company reserves the right to debit Your account with the commission or other amount you own to the Company, before closing the account. If your account is deleted, blocked or cancelled, the funds that were at on your balance sheet at the time of closing the account, shall not be refunded and any other funds (bonuses, ROX-points, etc.) will not be credited to you or cashed, and subsequent access to your account will not be possible.
In accordance with these Terms, if your account is terminated, neither party can have further obligations against each other.
The Company has the right to immediately delete your account (including your username and password) without prior notice if:
For some reason, we decided to stop the provision of services in general or specifically to you;
Your account is linked to an account, which was deleted;
Your account is linked to the existing blocked accounts. This gives us the right to close the account, regardless of how it was linked with them, as well as to block the credentials of these accounts. Except as specified in the Terms and Conditions, any balance in your account will be returned to you within a certain period of time after your request, after deduction of the amount that you must return to the Company;
You attempt to hack the system or are a party to a collusion;
You have intervened or otherwise manipulated the software;
You use your account for purposes that are unlawful under current legislation, for example, try to access the Website from a country where gambling is prohibited;
You post abusive or offensive information on the Website;
If you do not use your account for a period of 6 (six) months or more, we may suspend or close it without notice. If Your account is closed for this reason, the Terms will be automatically terminated, starting from the effective date of such termination.
We may close Your account and terminate the Terms by sending you an e-mail notice to the address listed in the contact information. In the event of any such cancellation on our part, except for situations where such account closure and termination of the Terms are consistent with clause 10 ("Collusion, Cheating, Misleading Actions, Fraud and Criminal Activity") or clause 17 ("Violation of the Terms") thereof We agree to refund the money from your balance. If we fail to contact you, the funds will be credited to the Company or the supervisory authority.
We have the right, at our discretion, at any time, to adjust or supplement any service offered on our Website as part of the Website update, and to stop and/or modify any games or game events offered on the Website.
In case of system failure or an error in a game (deviation from the normal game logic for any reason), the Company will take all measures to correct the situation as soon as possible, but declares that the Casino is not responsible for any components and software, for malfunctions, for interruptions or loss of the Internet connection or for any other technical errors that may limit the player's access to the Website or prevent the player from playing smoothly.
When using the Website services, there may be circumstances in which the bet was accepted or the payment was made with errors on the part of the Company (for example, incorrect setting of the conditions for gaming bets on our part due to an error, omission of information, computer failure or our mistake in calculating the number of winnings/ refunds payable to, including due to incorrect manual or automatic data entry).
The Company reserves the right to limit or cancel any bet at its sole discretion.
If you spent the funds received into your account or provided to You by mistake on betting or participating in the game, we will be entitled to cancel such bets and/or winnings that you might receive using such money funds. If we have already paid you the money for such bets or games, the amounts shall be deemed transmitted to you in trust, and you will have to immediately return them to us at our request.
Neither we nor our employees or agents, nor any of our partners or suppliers shall be responsible for any loss, including loss of winnings that occurred due to Your or our error.
The Casino, its directors, employees, partners and service providers:

- do not warrant that the software and the Website will always work without errors;
- do not warrant that The Website and/or games will be accessible without interruptions;
- shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct or indirect, incidental or otherwise, arising in connection with your use of the Website or your participation in the games.
The Company, its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and directors shall not be responsible for loss or damage that may be caused by interception or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet.
You acknowledge that use of the Website services at your own discretion, choice, and at your own risk.
The Website operation shall be subject to the Terms posted on it. We do not provide warranties regarding the Website or its services and exclude our own liability (to the extent provided by law) in respect of all implied warranties.
You agree to fully indemnify the Casino, its directors, employees, service providers from any and all losses, costs, expenses, claims and liabilities, which may arise in any way in connection with your use of the Website or participation in the games. The company is not responsible for possible losses, both financial and reputational, which may result from the use of contracts, torts, negligence, damage, or losses, including but not limited to loss of data, income, reputation, as well as for those losses, which we cannot foresee. The Company shall not be responsible for the content of any Internet resources that can be accessed through the Website.
Gambling in the online Casino is primarily used for entertainment purposes only. Before you start playing, it is important to realize that the games should not be seen as a source of income or as a way to get rid of financial debts. When playing it is important to keep track of the time and the amount of money spent in the online Casino daily. You can do this in Your Player's personal account.
If needed you can set money spending limits in your account (in addition to other restrictions, e.g. "Deposit", "Loss", "Bet", "Self-Limitation", and "Self-Exclusion"). In order to do so, you need to contact our support service at support@roxcasino.com and communicate us your decision to refrain from gambling on the Website during a certain period of time. We shall take all measures to block your access to the Website, and you will stop receiving promotional materials from us. You can contact the following organizations for advice and support: Gambling Anonymous, GamCare Gambling Therapy.
In the event of your violation of the Terms, you are obliged to compensate the Company for any claims, debts, costs or expenses (including attorney's fees) and other expenses that may occur as a result of such violation.
You undertake to indemnify, defend the interests of the Company, and protect its partners and their companies, as well as their officers, directors and employees, against any claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses, including legal costs and other expenses incurred as a result of:
Your violation of the Terms;
Your violations of the law or the rights of third parties;
access to the services by another person while using your user data, with or without your knowledge;
receiving winnings in a similar way.
When you violate the Terms, we are entitled (but not obliged) to:
Send you a notice (using your contact details) of your violation of the Terms, requiring to stop violations;
suspend your account, so that You do not have the opportunity to make bets or play on the Website;
block your account by notifying or without notifying You in advance;
debit Your account with the amount of payouts, bonuses or winnings, that were credited as a result of any serious violation;
We may delete Your username and password if You disregard any of the provisions of these Terms.
Website content is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights that are owned by the Company or used under license by a third party copyright holders. The materials on the Website are permitted for downloading only on one personal computer and can be printed out strictly for personal and non-commercial use.
You acknowledge that the use of the Website does not grant the user the rights to intellectual property (for example, copyrights, know-how or trademarks) owned by the Company or a third party.
The trade name, trademarks, logos, and/or other material posted on the Website cannot be used or reproduced under any circumstances.
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Rights and obligations of the Parties
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- to provide the User `s personal data being incomplete to the Company (subject to the provision of an additional statement explaining the reasons);
- to set the data processing restriction if one of the following conditions is met:
- the accuracy of personal data is being disputed by You during a period that allows the Company to verify the accuracy of Your personal data;
- processing is illegal, and You oppose the erasure of personal data and instead requires the restriction of their use;
- the Company no longer need Your personal data for processing purposes, but they are required by You to establish, implement or protect Your legal requirements;
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- to request access to Your personal data which the Company stores;
- to request the estimated period during which Your personal data will be stored by the Company, and if it is not possible, the criteria according to which the period of storage of such data is determined;
- to file the objection with the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection of Cyprus if You believe that the Company has violated the applicable data protection legislation against You.
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The Company`s Rights:
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- to amend data protection rules unilaterally without receiving any prior approval for such amendments from You.
The Company`s Obligations:
The Company is obliged to report any correction or erasure of personal data, or restriction of the processing of the User`s personal data to every third party to whom the User`s personal data have been disclosed by the Company for any of data processing purposes established by this Policy, unless this proves impossible or involves disproportionate effort for the Company;
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to notify the supervisory authority about a User`s personal data breach not later than in 72 hours after becoming aware of such a fact. Where the notification to the supervisory authority is not made within 72 hours, it shall be accompanied by reasons for the delay. to notify immediately the User about the fact of his/her personal data breach if such a breach is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the User.
The parties also have all rights and obligations provided by the General Data Protection Regulation.
The time period of storing Your personal data by the Company extends for the entire period of the duration of relationships between the parties provided by the Terms&Conditions placed on the Company's website as well as for the next three years after the termination of the Parties` relationships (to resolve possible disputable issues).
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ROX Casino has the right to use personal data for the purposes of marketing mailing. If you do not want to receive promotional materials, you can choose this option during the registration process or you can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. In this case some of your bonus options may be deactivated.
When you play casino slots developed by NetEnt, NetEnt’s privacy policy also applies. It can be found here:NetEnt Privacy Policy
If You wish to view any personal data that we store about You or if You want to make any changes to Your personal data or delete them; or if You wish to receive information on how Your personal data are used by the Company, how we ensure the confidentiality of Your personal data, You can submit a request via e-mail support@roxcasino.com. In order to maintain confidentiality, when submitting the request, You also need to submit a confirmation of Your identity. For this purpose, You need to attach a copy of Your passport to a request. We reserve the right to charge reasonable fees for duplicate requests, requests for additional copies of the same data and/ or requests which are considered obviously unreasonable or excessive. We can also refuse to provide answers on requests which we consider to be obviously unreasonable or excessive.
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If we fail to ensure your strict performance of any of the obligations, or we ourselves cannot use any of the rights or remedies that we are entitled to, this in no way constitutes a waiver of such rights or remedies and does not exempt You from fulfilling your obligations.
No repudiation by us of any of our obligations of the Terms shall have legal force if it is not formally given to you in writing in accordance with the foregoing.
If any of the Terms become invalid, illegal or lose legal force, such terms or conditions must be taken out of the context of the remaining provisions, conditions and wording, which in turn will remain legally effective as provided by law. In such a situation, that part of the Terms that is considered to be invalid or unenforceable must be changed in accordance with the applicable law in order to reflect our original objectives as accurately as possible.
These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands Antilles. You agree with the exclusive (sole) right of the courts of the Netherlands Antilles jurisdiction to settle any disputes (including claims for compensation and counterclaims) that may arise in connection with the creation, lawfulness, result, interpretation or action of legal relations established by the Terms or in any way that arsing from the Terms.
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The Company encourages loyal and regular players, giving them the chance to earn player's POX-points (ROX-points) that users can transfer to their accounts, thus getting real money for free that can be used for real bets, with the possibility of winning real money. Once you start playing and make the first bet, you accumulate ROX-points.
To earn ROX-points:
- Place your bets in games and get 1 ROX-point for every 2,400 rubles (aggregate bets);
- When playing for bonus money ROX-points are awarded with a multiplier 0,5;
- Win prizes in tournaments;
- Win lotteries.
Depending on the amount of ROX-points, scored during playing, you will be awarded a certain status:
- New (number of ROX-points from 0 to 24);
- Regular (number of ROX-points from 25 to 99);
- Grand (number of ROX-points from 100 to 499);
- Premium (number of ROX-points from 500 to 4,999);
- VIP (number of ROX-points from 5,000 to 29,999);
- Elite (number of ROX points starts from 30,000).
When moving from level to level, the number of ROX points received for betting in real money slot games is taken into account. ROX-points will not be awarded in roulette games, card games and Live casino. Gift ROX-points, as well as tournament ROX-points are ignored.
If you have not confirmed your email address, you will not be able to convert earned ROX-points to your balance.
Depending on the player status the Company provides different conversion rates of ROX points to transfer them to your account.
ROX-points accumulated by You are held in the special account. They can be used for buy-in in tournaments and for participation in promotions within the prescribed time-limits. You can view the available ROX-points in "My profile" section in your account.
The Company has the right to revoke all SolCoins from your account in case you have not used them for 6 (six) months or longer.
If we decide that you abuse or attempt to abuse ROX-points or other incentives, or abuse the lack of necessary information in the Terms accepted by the Company, we may at our discretion prohibit, withhold or refuse to accrue ROX-points or otherwise provide encouragement, or change the policy regarding you, temporarily or permanently, or close your access to the services and/or block your account. We are not obligated to refund you the funds that may be on your accounts, in addition to the original deposit amount.
You can receive bonuses or bonus money during registration or after you have already become a player of our Casino. You can at any time opt out of receiving all or any particular bonus. To do this, you must contact the customer service centre (support@roxcasino.com), or write to our online chat, or state your refusal through an interface in the player profile. You must understand the terms of the bonus in which you participate. This section contains general terms and conditions for using bonuses in our Casino. Please note that each bonus can have its own terms and conditions that will be available to you at the time of acceptance of the bonus offer.

The action of bonuses is based on specific rules. When you receive a bonus, the bonus amount is added to your bonus balance and held separately from your money balance.
The bet made by You is deducted from your monetary balance. If your money balance is insufficient, the bet is deducted from your bonus balance.
All winnings will be credited to your bonus balance. They cannot be withdrawn until you fulfil all the bonus wagering conditions. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn until the bonus is wagered. Sometimes the bonus is non-withdrawable – this means that you can withdraw only winnings over the received bonus after the end of the wagering.
After the bonus is wagered, the amount of funds on your bonus balance linked to the active bonus is transferred to your cash balance. It can be withdrawn at any time.
Not all bets are accounted when wagering, such as a low risk Roulette bets. More detailed information on this issue can be read below.
You should carefully read all the terms and conditions that relating to bonuses.
Only one bonus can be effective within one special event until our Casino has approved the opposite. Only one bonus can be active on your account at any given moment of time.

Bonus is considered as "free bet". It cannot be considered a monetary equivalent. Recovery of money equivalent, replacement, transfer, assignment for any of the bonuses shall not be permitted (except as outlined in these rules).
You can't withdraw funds from Your bonus balance. Funds deposited by You will be added to your cash balance. You can withdraw any amount from your cash balance, but you will lose the remaining amount on your bonus balance. When you create a request for payment, you automatically cancel all activated bonuses (both "active" and "pending"). Even if your payment request is rejected (for example, because of fraud checks), the bonus balance cannot be restored.

Funds deposited by You are used for betting. If You run out of funds on the money account, all the following bets will be deducted from the bonus balance. All winnings that you receive with an active bonus are credited to the bonus balance. They can be withdrawn only if the bonus wagering conditions are fulfilled.
If you accept bonuses from Casino and receive winnings of more than 150,000 roubles, we may limit such application to a maximum of 150, 000 roubles within any 7-day period.
All withdrawals are possible only subject to observance of the above rules, including submission of all necessary documents confirming your identity.
After the bonus is wagered, the amount of funds on Your bonus balance linked to the active bonus is transferred to Your cash balance. It can be withdrawn at any time.
Bear in mind that if you withdraw funds before wagering the active bonus, you will lose all bonuses and bonus winnings.
Bear in mind that in case your bonus balance is 0 (regardless of the reason), the active bonus is no longer valid and from that moment is not subject to wagering.

There are withdrawable and non-withdrawable bonuses Withdrawable bonuses are bonuses and bonus winnings that will be transferred to your cash balance after fulfillment of the wagering conditions. Non-withdrawable bonuses are bonuses, the amount of which will not be added to the cash balance (unlike winnings) after the wagering.

All players of ROX Casino, regardless of their status, receive a special cash bonus from the online Casino on their birthday. For players having the "New" status, bonus is credited only after making 3 deposits. After the fulfillment of bonus wagering conditions and transfer of bonus to the cash balance, the amount becomes available for withdrawal. For more information click here.

Bonus wager is the sum of the bets that you need to make before the bonus and bonus winnings will be credited to your cash balance. Bonus wagering requirements are stipulated in the rules for each specific bonus, and represent the multiplier of bonus size or bonus amounts and the deposit made. Not all bets are taken into account when wagering. Bets on the drum slot games are counted 100%, roulette, board games: Poker, Black Jack, and Live Casino-0 %. These values can sometimes vary. To learn the current and valid values for bet counting for each game, contact our support service.
Percentage of bet (deduction), which is counted against the repayment of wagering for different games may differ in different bonuses, and it will be stipulated in the rules for a specific bonus. Please read the rules carefully for each bonus.
When wagering a bonus with bets exceeding 300 roubles, the bonus itself and all the winnings from it can be cancelled.

Bonuses are used on a first-come, first-served basis. A bonus becomes "active" if the previous bonus is "wagered" or "cancelled" (see the loyalty status classification and values below).
There are 4 phases (statuses) for each bonus:
Active – a bonus being used by You use at the moment, but not wagered yet. As long as you have an active bonus, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus money and/or any winnings.
Pending – the second or subsequent bonus in your account, which has not yet started. This bonus cannot be withdrawn.
Wagered – a bonus for which all the wagering requirements were met. The amount of funds on your bonus balance associated with the active bonus will be credited to your cash balance. It can be withdrawn at any time.
Cancelled – active or pending bonus. We have the right to cancel or delete it from your bonus balance, if: a) You have not fulfilled the wagering requirements; b) You withdraw funds before wagering; in) You have breached these terms and conditions.
When the bonus is cancelled, your bonus balance becomes equal to 0, and from that moment the bonus is not subject to wagering.

We have the right to monitor and review transaction and log history for any reason and at any time. If such a review reveals an abuse when using bonuses, Casino can cancel bonuses for this player.
If we understand that the player uses a bonus or other promo with only one purpose – to get a positive result using methods intended for secure bonus wagering, we can apply the below steps to the player. Among other things, we have the right to exclude such a player from current and subsequent promotions.
Examples of actions that are inappropriate when wagering bonuses:
A player making many different bets, each of which has a minimum expectation of winning, in order to obtain an increased volume of bets with a minimum loss of balance, will be suspected of abuse of bonuses and instantly excluded from current and subsequent bonuses. An example of such a strategy: bet on all numbers on roulette or bet on red and black simultaneously.
A player making high bets (from 300 roubles), in order to quickly increase the bonus balance, after which sharply reducing the amount of bets (more than double) for no apparent reason and with sufficient balance, will be suspected of using a system that gives an advantage in the game, and bonus abuse. Any of such cases will be considered separately and in detail, we are against such actions and have the right to take the below mentioned measures in relation to such a player.
Combinations of the above gaming methods: Any player who uses a strategy in the course of which he first makes high bets in games with a small contribution, then goes to games with a larger contribution and makes smaller bets (lower than the average bet in the previous game with a small contribution), will be immediately excluded from the current and subsequent bonuses, and, in addition, will be subjected to the measures described below.
If the player abuses bonuses, we can: delete, cancel all existing bonuses and bonus winnings, as well as block the player's account.
Remember that when registering you must specify an actually operating phone number in order to confirm your identity. If we are not able to contact you, this may become the basis for limiting the use of bonuses, as well as blocking your game account.
We may at any time make changes and additions, as well as adjust the rules and conditions for the use of bonuses. Players should regularly check the rules and conditions for updates.
No deposit bonus for registration

In case of receiving a no deposit bonus for registration, the withdrawal of won back bonus funds is possible only after making a deposit in the amount of 1000 RUB and a triple wager of the deposit made.
In the event of fraud on the part of the player, the result of bonus is cancelled, the funds are debited from the account, user account is irretrievably blocked.
Fraudulent actions are the creation of duplicate accounts, an indication of false information during registration, the provision of incorrect information during account verification, the use if any algorithms when wagering a bonus.